Goldfinch Solar Project is a proposed utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) facility being developed by Bechtel in Washington County, IA. It is expected to produce up to 200 MW of energy, enough to power up to 33,000 homes per year. It is anticipated to begin operations in 2025.

Over the life of the project, Goldfinch Solar Project will contribute approximately $10 million in new tax revenue to benefit local schools, roads and other taxing districts, and participating landowners will receive approximately $2 million in payments. This project will provide financial stability for our host farmers and positively impact the entire Washington County community. Additionally, Goldfinch Solar will create over 400 new jobs during construction.

We are pleased to be working with more than 15 private landowners to lease a total project area of more than 2,000 acres. All easements have been obtained voluntarily, and no eminent domain will be sought.

We are unwavering in our commitment to being a good neighbor to all, including area wildlife. Solar panels are a clean, environmentally friendly form of renewable energy that can exist side-by-side with native species.

Goldfinch Solar Project’s promise to be a good neighbor does not stop at the doors of participating landowners. That is why the project has committed to exceeding the highest quality standards to ensure any of its solar panels are in full compliance with the safety and zoning regulations established by local, state, and federal government. Good Neighbor Agreements will also be offered for interested landowners.

Goldfinch Solar Project has taken part in discussions with neighbors located within a half-mile of the project and have signed with many adjacent landowners to be a part of the project. We have multiple ongoing engineering exercises to take into account neighbors’ feedback to minimize impact. Compensation is also offered to allow for additional screening, if they so desire.

At the end of the project’s useful life, Goldfinch Solar Project will be fully decommissioned, equipment removed, and the properties restored to their pre-existing condition. The dismantling and removal of all ground equipment, posts, and above ground cables will occur. The land will be restored to its original state and ready for production if the landowner pleases. Financial security is provided to cover the estimated costs associated with decommissioning in the unlikely event that Goldfinch Solar doesn’t decommission on its own.

According to a recent meta-study which analyzed 26 studies in 15 states, solar installations were found to have no impact on property values. The study’s researchers interviewed over 40 county and township assessors in midwestern states, all of whom have at least one solar installation in their jurisdiction, and all determined that solar installations have not negatively affected adjacent property values.

Solar panels are safe and do not pose any health risks to humans. Panels are constructed with state-of-the art technology that uses copper alloy and high-strength tempered glass within an aluminum frame. Panels do not contain hazardous materials, and can be recycled or sold on the secondary market after the project is decommissioned. Goldfinch Solar Project will work with local fire and emergency response personnel to ensure proper training in case of emergency.